“We are not human beings to have a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings to have a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Welcome to my safe place, where I share my soul and how I see the world.
Welcome to Growing Soul!

Growing Soul is a project about spirituality.

But what is spirituality?

Spirituality has no religion. Spirituality has no conditioning.

Spirituality is the discovery of our inner world.

Spirituality is focusing on the inside; exploring every corner and detail of ourselves.

Spirituality is knowing what we are made of in our purest form and connecting with our true nature.

Spirituality is, focus on the SELF.


For me, spirituality is called self-knowledge, self-appreciation, self-compassion, personal power, and self-love.
Spirituality has changed the way I view life and my circumstances and has given me a new meaning to my existence.


You are free to believe whatever you want to believe.
You are free to honor your imagination, your rationality and how you feel.
In spirituality, you have to be you, and the more you, you are, the more connected you become.


Spirituality is understanding life, understand the “whys” and the “hows”.
Spirituality is embracing our personal power and taking responsibility for who we are individually and for who we are before life and everything around us.
Spirituality is knowing yourself, but knowing yourself entirely, without filters, totally naked and vulnerable.
Knowing who you are, how you are…

Who are you with your fears and with your confidence.
Who are you with the stability and the lack of it.
Who are you with your emotions.
Who are you with happiness and who are you with grief.
Who are you with love and who are you without it.
Who are you when you listen to your thoughts.
Who are you when you talk to yourself.
Who are you when you see yourself in the mirror.
Who are you when you express how you feel and when you speak your truth.
Who are you when you observe the world around you and how you react to others’ behavior.
Who are you when life has a more bitter than sweet taste.
Who are you when you learn new things.
Who are you when life teaches you valuable lessons.
And above all, who are you in this world? What do you add here? What is your purpose in this life?


Today I know that my purpose is to discover myself; discover all my whys, all my reasons; explore my essence; and then tell the world how to do it, too.

I wish with all my heart that my words can impact you.
From one soul to another, thank you for existing with me.
Joana Ferreira

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