The evolution of the soul is our greatest purpose.

But what is the soul?

– The soul is our true essence, our true nature – pure energy.

“We are not human beings to have a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings to have a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We come to this world, to our Planet Earth, in human form, to experience this physical reality and gain knowledge through our experiences that are a result of our choices.

We all have free will to choose which paths we want to follow and what actions we should take towards our destiny – The circumstances, people, and experiences that life presents to us – What we can not control.

Our free will is how we choose to react to our destiny and how we choose to learn the lessons that life teaches us – What we can control.

Life is an ocean of choices and possibilities that will bring us knowledge and evolution both personally and spiritually.

One of my greatest purposes is, along with my Guides, – Energy Beings who guide me and provide me with knowledge about my life as well as the lives of those who come to me for guidance – Guide you and help you understand how you can best live your life and how you can best choose the paths to follow, helping you in the process of learning your life lessons so that you can evolve and move forward in your life thus becoming your best version.

Another of my greatest purposes is to teach you that, just like me, you are also an energetic being and you also have your own personal energy guidance – Guides – They are what we call intuition.
They are always ready to guide you, you just need to be receptive enough to listen and understand their messages.

This website is where I will share my knowledge and motivate you to connect with your true essence – your soul, your true nature.

The spiritual world exists, it is very real, and it is the biggest reason why my life is so magical.

Welcome to Growing Soul.

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