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Relationships are part of our life from the day we are born until the day we die.
Relationships are one of the best things in life, yet it is through relationships that we learn the most valuable lessons.

What I mean by lessons, I mean learning to define what we want for ourselves and what we do not want for ourselves. What we like and what we do not like. How we want to be treated and how we do not want to be treated.
But to learn these lessons, we have to go through these two strands. To know what we want, we first need to know what we do not want. To know what we like, we first need to know what we do not like. To know how we want to be treated, we first need to know how we do not want to be treated.
And all these lessons come mostly from relationships, whether they are love relationships, family or friends.

As perfectly imperfect humans that we are, we live intensely every relationship we have, especially when there is love involved; and when things do not go as expected, it’s when we feel frustrated and hurt and it’s exactly when those emotions hit us that our understanding becomes clouded.
We let ourselves be consumed by those emotions leading us to have certain behaviors that are less healthy, and those behaviors often lead to problems and confrontations.

In a Relationships reading, my biggest focus will be on you and on your approach to that same relationship.

When it comes to relationships, we often do not realize that usually, we are the ones who create our circumstances.
Or we allow certain behaviors or we adopt certain behaviors that can often lead to an unhealthy and unstable relationship.
Any relationship has its problems, its ups, and downs.
Any relationship will be a daily adventure and discovery because there are two different people with different points of view and with different beliefs and values.

However, the truth is that we won’t be able to maintain a healthy relationship if we ourselves cannot understand how we are also contributing to those same issues.

The change will always begin on you, because if your intention is to understand what is going on in this relationship with the intention of improving your circumstances, what you need to know is how you contribute for those problems, what is the wrong approach you are having and most importantly how to bring harmony back into that relationship.

However, as in all relationships, both have to be in tune and both parties need to have the intention to recover harmony. However, if you do your part, your conscience will always be clean.

Relationship Readings are a great way to help you understand yourself and also the person you’re relating to.
Any relationship based on understanding and freedom is a relationship that has every chance of being enduring and happy.

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