Growing Soul

Be the change you want to see in the World.

The most important thing in our life is the one that we give less attention to.
Let’s talk about our World, our home.

I have always wanted to know how the spiritual world sees our world, and although I am not surprised by the cards that my Guides gave me, I must confess that I expected much worse, which made me feel hope within me. “It’s bad, but it’s not lost.”

We, humans, live in a state of constant apathy and discontentment, and all this is due to the fact that we are not aware of the abundance in which we all live.
We are literally blind to what surrounds us, living wholly absorbed in the material world, forgetting our true essence, our soul.

We completely forget our true nature, or at least most of us.
We defend religion with bloodshed and hatred for the ones that do not have the same beliefs pattern as we do.
We kill living beings for luxury and greed, completely alienating us from the basic needs of survival.
We steal living beings bodies and skins so we can wear it, and this act is considered as a luxury.
We pay the land where we are born to someone who proclaimed it when we all have the same rights.
We are destroying our greatest and most essential source of life, the oxygen provided by Mother Nature.
We are destroying the greatest gift life has ever given us, our Mother Earth so that we can attend to our greed.
We choose our ego instead of consciously living by our true essence.
And the more we have, the more we want.

But none of this is new to us, yet we are so blinded by the rules of civilization that we end up settling and believing that we can’t do anything to change these conditions in which we live.
We are watching humanity destroying our home and we end up feeling powerless and believing that there’s nothing we can do to change this.

However, the spiritual world knows what we must do to save our home.

The World must celebrate life, seek union regardless of their differences.
We need to learn to dance in the rain and receive each day as a blessing.
The world needs to have the courage to stand up and say “enough”, no matter how small we are, our voices can be heard regardless of our colors and shapes.
The World needs to know that it can be reborn even in the driest, rocky environments.

The World needs rest and true rest only comes with the ability to lay our heads on our pillows with our calm conscience and heart, knowing that today we have made the world a better place because we now know that WE MUST BE THE CHANGE THAT WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

We need to recognize our true roots and value the smallest details of the world we live in.
We need to leave behind our constant need for control and remember that all birds rely on the Universe to provide them with their basic survival needs. And just like any bird, the Universe also has its magic way of providing us with what we need and want the most.

We need to spend time with ourselves, traveling inward, noticing our heart beating, our lungs expanding with every breath.
We need to feel the energy within us, and that energy can only be felt if we devote enough time to being with ourselves, with our body and our soul.

Self-care, nourishing our being is the best way to take care of the Universe, because we are all one.
Take care of yourself, feed your soul by doing what you love and that makes you wake up every day with the desire to get out of bed and start a new day.
Use the gift of your creativity, your ideas.
Pursue your dreams, whatever makes you feel the whole world within you.
Allow yourself to use your gifts and skills to create beauty in this world.

Do not limit yourself by allowing yourself to be unhappy just to meet others expectations of you.
Do not let yourself put out your flame so others can shine in your place.
Remember that we all have a purpose in this life, and that purpose, whatever it is, is to leave our mark and beauty in this world.

The best way to connect with our nature is by observing our heart and listening to what it tells us.
It is by asking your soul, what do you want to be/do, what do you need to feel complete and happy?
You will have your answer, and you will feel it throughout your being.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to go inside and let yourself know what really feeds your being. Open your eyes and make the biggest decision of your life!!!
Understand that you have to follow your dreams, even if they seem unattainable to you.
I promise you, everything that nourishes us, nurtures the whole Universe too, and I assure you that the Universe is on your side and will provide you with everything you need so you can live your true purpose.
Do not give up on yourself, do not give up on your true essence.

The only way we have to save this world is by finding our own light, to stop believing that happiness comes from the outside when it clearly comes from within us.
If our soul feels complete and nourished we will feel and have the world in our hands, and if we all find true happiness within us and shine with it, the World will shine with us.

“Guide, tell me about our World”

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