Growing Soul

You are the Creation, BE THE CREATION.

There is a reason for everything!

There is a reason to go through the experiences we have passed throughout our lives. There is a reason for all these events.
There is a reason for sadness, there is a reason for doubts and insecurity, there is a reason for failures, there is a reason for victories, there is a reason for love and pain, there is a reason for closed and open doors, there is a reason for all the difficulties and obstacles as there is a reason for whatever is easy.

That reason is consciousness.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is when we learn that everything has its purpose.
This purpose is to teach us to discover who we really are so we can create our life, the real reason we are in this world.

We have come into this world to expand the universe and its beauty. We have come into this world to create new things, new experiences, to grow.

We come into this world to live and be our true Nature.

And what is our true Nature?

Our true nature is creation, love, prosperity, contentment, satisfaction, happiness and all this can only be attained if we live according to our true essence knowing in the depths of our being what nourishes our soul, what helps us grow, what helps us to discover who we really are.

Only when we know who we really are will we be able to feed the universe with our energy being directed to the right place. Creation.

So, follow me now, what feeds your soul?

To play, to laugh, to dance, to learn, to challenge yourself, adventure and adrenaline, to read, to write, to paint, to discover, to help, to guide, to teach, to act, to heal, to create?

What makes you lose track of time? What makes you feel that the world around you does not exist?

Discover your art, nurture your creativity, discover what moves you and be sure to fight for your dreams.

Do not allow yourself to be just a half-light, a half weak energy.
Don’t limit yourself so that others may benefit or even accept you.
Don’t even think about accepting less than what you desire with your whole being.
Don’t allow yourself to be someone that you’re not, don’t forget your true essence.
Do not allow your fears, doubts, and negativism to get the best of you.

Find yourself, reborn, evolve.

Allow yourself to dream bigger, with no limits, no fears, put all your doubts aside.


You’re the one who creates your circumstances, your life, and you can only do this when your focus is on what you want, the person you want to be, the life you want to live.

So make the decision, act, start, take the first step because if you don’t create the life of your dreams, the life that you’re here to live, no one will do it for you.

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