The true essence of the Tarot

The true essence of the Tarot

The Tarot is something that is seen by the curious as an adventure and a new experience but is also seen as something to be avoided by the most skeptical.
Most people when they hear the word Tarot instantly connect its practice to future prediction.

This is the reason why I’m writing this post.
I want to show the Tarot world seen through my heart.

The Tarot is just a deck of cards made of cardboard and beautifully drawn, and these cards are nothing less than one of the most marvelous ways of communication between the physical world and the spirit world.

When a Tarot reader observes the imagery in the cards, those images convey to us, emotions, feelings, and those images tell us a story.
When we observe the imagery of the cards, we automatically feel what they transmit to us, and since the spiritual world communicates with us through emotions, our Guides know what we feel about each image and they know what that image represents and mean for us.
In a reading, the messages we need to receive come to us through those images, and we automatically know what they represent due to the emotions and feelings that they convey to us.

Now, contradicting what most people think about the Tarot, I’ll explain to you what the Tarot really is for me.

The Tarot, being a means of communication between the physical world and the spiritual world, allows us to receive GUIDANCE from our Guides.
Our guides are energy, collective intelligence, souls, angels, whatever you feel most comfortable in calling them.
Our Guides are assigned to us even before we are born, with one wonderful purpose – to guide us during our life in the physical world.

Now, if you are asking yourself “Do I have a Guide?” the answer is yes!

When you are about to do something and before you do it you realize that you’re not feeling good about the idea of doing it, that is your Guide telling you “Are you sure you want to do that?”

You just met a person, but you instantly feel a negative emotion about that person for no apparent reason. You don’t know this person but that feeling that you’re feeling at that moment just doesn’t let you get closer to that person. That is your Guide and telling you “Pay attention, that energy is not the type of energy that should be around you now”.

When you feel a giant urge to go somewhere, you don’t know why but this place came to your mind and you simply want to go. This is your Guide telling you “Go, it will be good for you”.

Our Guides are what we call intuition, and our intuition is not seen, you can’t hear it, but you can feel it.
However, I have to explain that our intuition comes to us through our emotions, it is something that we feel in our body, in our heart, it’s a knowing and NOT a thought.
Intuition doesn’t come from our mind, intuition doesn’t come from fear or insecurity, and it is extremely important to know from where that feeling is coming from, so always pay attention and observe if that feeling was something that you received or if it’s something that your mind made you feel.

Our Guides want to guide us in our choices and decisions. Our guides want to protect us from what does not benefit us. Our Guides want to let us know when our behavior is not the best approach, but they also want to applaud us when we make them proud.
Our guides know that to learn the lessons that we need to learn, we must go through experiences that teach us those same lessons.

However, our guides know that we have free will, our guides know that even if they provide us guidance, we are the ones who must decide what to do and they respect that, but even knowing this, the only thing they want is that we can receive their guidance so we can follow the path that will help us to be happy, to feel good, in peace.

In a Tarot reading this is the guidance that a Tarot reader receives through the cards because, unfortunately, it is very difficult for a human being to receive and clearly understand their Guide’s guidance as our mind is like a huge wall between us.

Now, a Tarot reader can predict the future, the questions we ask our Guides will always have answers, however, based on my experience with Tarot and based on my connection with my Guide, I know, in my heart, that seeing the future is not the best way to help someone, at all.

When we just want to know a possible future, we are automatically withdrawing the responsibility from ourselves, we are just being the audience of our lives, we are accepting that our life doesn’t depend on us, which is not the truth at all.

Now, when we really want to understand what is going on in our lives, why we act or react in a certain way, why we feel certain emotions and why we have certain thoughts, how we can achieve our goals, what the path we need to follow, what we have to change in ourselves in order to live our full potential, that is when the Tarot is one of the best ways to get all of our answers.

So my biggest focus in a Tarot reading is and will always be what YOU can do to achieve your goals. What YOU can change in yourself to be the person that you truly are, how your soul really is, your true essence. What you need to understand in order to deal with the people in your life, with the events and situations of your life and above all to understand how you can really know the depths of your being.

A Tarot reading is the best way of receiving the best advice and guidance from our best friend, and this best friend is extremely wise and his greatest power is the giant love he feels for you, for your soul, for the person that he knows that you are.

And this is the true essence of the Tarot.

– Joana Ferreira

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