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The importance of writing a Journal – When we write, our soul writes with us.

When we write in a journal, be it some paper and a pen or digital, this moment is ours and ours alone.
A journal is where we expose our emotions, thoughts and our mundane life. And when we write, our soul writes with us. Our soul is printed on that sheet of paper or on that screen.

When we write what we feel we are present in the totality of the moment, letting our thoughts and feelings flow into the paper.

This is the easiest way we have to listen to our intuition because it is only when we are 100% present in ourselves that our mind is silent and we can hear our heart speak.

In our journal, we do not have to pretend to be someone we are not.
In our journal, we do not have to lie or omit.
In our diary we can let go of all barriers and be ourselves, living our true essence.

Have you noticed that when you write what you think and what your heart feels, it calms you down?
Have you noticed that when you write what you feel new feelings invade you?
It is exactly in that moment of writing that the spiritual world can come to you more easily.

It is when you write that your heart tells you that you are worth it, that you deserve to be happy by finding happiness within yourself. It is through your writing that you find yourself giving the answers to your own questions. And when that happens, know that it was your intuition, your Guide that whispered to your heart.

After you finish, notice your state of mind and the giant lightness you’ll feel. You will feel loved and protected and you will be able to rest because all your emotions have been exposed to a safe place that will bring you comfort.

So, yes, write your deepest feelings and thoughts, allow yourself to have this moment only yours and your soul.  Allow yourself to feel your heart and receive the guidance you need to receive.

The World is such a magical place, complex and so simple at the same time. Find your truth within you in the most simple way.

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My Guide’s response to my question “What’s the importance of writing a Journal”

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