Leo May 2018 – You can control your mind and let go of fear

Your mind is keeping you from going forward.
Your fears and insecurities are keeping you trapped in the same pattern of life that does not bring you happiness and or clarity.

Control your mind, do not let your mind control you.

As long as you allow your fears to keep you away from what you really want to achieve, you are only giving away all your control over yourself and your life.

Fear will not let you step out of your comfort zone.
That fear is keeping you from experiencing what life has to give you.

It is as if you were throwing yourself against a door but not strong enough to open it.
It is as if your heart screams “go” but then your mind silences that voice with all the worst possibilities of what might happen if you actually go.

If we don’t allow ourselves to live life, we are literally letting go of all the opportunities for learning that will take us towards evolution.

Our mind is programmed to protect us, however, the more you feed that voice that tells you that you must not, that you can not, that it is a risk, the more that voice will have control over you.

What are you afraid of?
What is it that makes you ignore your desires and your emotions in such a way that you cannot walk towards what you really want?

This fear that you feel is only making you stay in a place against the will of your own soul.
Your essence is love, light, abundance, and peace.
Do not let your fears steal your energy.
Do not let your fears keep you from fighting for your happiness and well-being.
Do not let your fears make you be someone you are not.

Let go. Free yourself. Understand that fear does not prevent death but rather life.

Challenge yourself and understand that change is the only constant of life, and as long as you decide to not see what is on the other side, you will never know how good it can be.

The universe tells you to get rid of your own conditioning and doubts and to do it once and for all.
The universe tells you that your life will only move forward once you regain control over yourself.

What are you waiting for?
Yes, you know this message is for you.

Do not waste more time and understand that life is to be lived and not feared.

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