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How Gratitude feels like

“I cry when I’m feeling grateful.

I cry with a soft and gentle smile on my face.

I feel this peace, this calm, this trust in myself, in the universe, and that all is well, that everything is exactly as it should be.

I listen to music and feel the lyrics on my heart and the rhythm on my body and spirit.

I feel so happy, so complete as if nothing else is missing. As if I had exactly everything I need in life.

Suddenly everything just fits.

I feel this amazing connection with myself, and this connection, oh, this connection feels literally like home.

Today I discovered a new strength, one that’s unexplored.

Today I know a new part of me that is so excited to show itself to the world!

Thank you! Simply thank you! “

This is what I just wrote in my diary.

No changes, no filters, that’s everything I’m feeling right now.

Today I took a huge step on my self-worth journey.

Today I recognized in myself something that I value, that I love, and, above all, that I know it has value.

When you discover a part of yourself, a part that excites you to the point of breathing with sound, to the point that you know that you are destined to do this because it is so natural to you that you understand that is just part of you.

You understand that this part of you is the signature that you can leave in the world to say that you were here.

You understand what you’re really doing here. That you don’t exist just because.

That you have a reason to be alive and that this reason is that only you can create what you are creating because this way is only yours and has your name written in all its details.

You understand that you are irreplaceable because only you can be you.

If this is not a step toward self-love and self-worth, then I don’t know what it is.

That is why it is so important that you do whatever feeds your soul and what makes you breathe with sound when you think about doing it.

That’s why it’s so important to find out who you are, find out what you like, what you do not like, what you want, what you do not want … Because only then do you discover yourself.

So I thank life for teaching me what I like and what I do not like, what I want and what I do not want through experiences, situations, and people that teach me about myself a little a bit every day.

Understand that everything that happened to you in life, HAPPENED FOR YOU; so that you might receive all the fruits of that which is external to you and then nourish your soul with knowledge and wisdom.

Embarking on a self-knowledge journey and looking within, is the only way to find happiness. And I don’t say this to sound cliché. I say this because I KNOW that it is true because it is the only way and path that is leading me there.

Any emptiness you have in yourself can only be filled by you. Just you.

Start today…

Try to get to know yourself.

Try to know who you are.

Discover yourself, explore yourself, and I promise you, you will find a whole world to explore within you.

And I’ll tell ya … You’ll LOVE the journey!!!!

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