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While you see yourself as a victim of your Life, you will never see yourself as its warrior.

You can only control the way you react to whatever life offers you.
You, and only you, can control your perception of life and how you see your circumstances.

Whatever is outside you – Life and others – You will never be able to control.

To change your life, you must be in a learn and evolve mindset.

Your state of mind must be in tune with your life and you must want to understand what YOUR weaknesses and strengths are.

To change your life, your mindset must be, “I am responsible for my life, for what I draw into my life, and I create my reality through my choices and the way I react to what life whether it be good or bad. “

You must understand that everything that happens / happened in your life did not happened/happens TO YOU but FOR YOU.

When instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?”
Ask yourself – “What do I have to learn from what is happening to me?”

Then you will be ready to move forward, to take one, two, ten steps forward in your life and change your reality!


For as long as you are the victim of your life you will not be its warrior.

Because as long as you think that you did not deserved to experience anything that you had lived in the past, you will not learn all the lessons the universe has given you.

Because as long as you find that the problem is not in yourself, but, it’s in others, and that the problem is not in your perception of your own reality or in your personal power to decide how to respond to each situation, event and / or person, you continue to give them the power to decide your life for you, making you submissive to what others / circumstances tell you or make you feel.

You are and always will be responsible for your life, and only when you understand this, will you be able to CREATE the life that you want to have and above all, that you deserve, by right, to have.

You deserve to be happy.
Yes, you deserve to feel peace.
Yes, you deserve to feel loved.
Yes, you deserve to be respected.
Yes, you deserve to be valued.
Yes, you deserve to be cherished.

Yes, you deserve to know the world.
Yes, you deserve all the abundance of this universe.
Yes, you deserve to live without worries.
Yes, you deserve to live without fears.
Yes, you deserve to do whatever feeds your soul.
Yes, you deserve to be excited by life, excited about a new day.
Yes, you deserve to be grateful.
Yes, you deserve to feel safe.

Yes, you deserve to feel happy and in harmony with life in one whole.

But none of this will come to you if you do not believe with all your heart that you are worthy.

Do you believe that you really deserve the best that life has to give you?
Do you believe that you deserve someone who values ​​you and loves you without asking for anything in return? Someone you can share everything with?
Do you think you deserve a quiet and exciting life?

Or do you believe that you are NOT worthy?

Go get yourself a drink, a notebook and a pen. Seriously. Go! Save some time alone for yourself right now.

Now answer these questions

  • Do I really believe that I deserve to have everything I want to?
  • When I imagine myself having a relationship, can I really imagine myself living a truthful, quiet and passionate love?
  • When I imagine my professional life, can I see myself doing what I most enjoy and being well paid for my work and being recognized for my value and performance?
  • When I imagine my bank account in the future, can I see myself having a well-filled account that allows me to travel, live comfortably and carefree?

Or is it that when you try to visualize your future, your inner voice automatically tells you things like:

  • You’ll never find that kind of person in your life. Good people do NOT exist.
  • You do not have the slightest chance when it comes to working on what you’re passionate about.
  • Get used to the little money you have and be content with putting food on your table.

    Believing in yourself and that you are worthy of a good life, that you deserve to achieve all your dreams, and above all, believing that you CAN achieve them, is the first step you can take towards your best future.

So, stop and think about what you really feel.
It’s not what you want, it’s not what you think, but what you really feel when you imagine yourself having everything you want.

Can you visualize yourself having everything you want and can you visualize your future as something good, exciting and full of harmony?

Or every time you try to imagine your future you automatically hear the voice inside saying “Do not allow yourself to fly this high because then the fall is way bigger”?

Please understand…

The essence of your personality is your belief system.

From the moment you believe that you will never succeed; from the moment you FEEL that you do not deserve more and better…
You will never, NEVER prove yourself wrong, and you will surely create the reality that you believe it is possible for you.

If you ask ANYONE who has achieved their goals and dreams, how did they do it … Everyone will tell you a different story but ALWAYS with something in common, which is – “I believed in myself. I believed I was capable. I did not doubt, I could not doubt, I had to believe in myself.”

The essence of your personality is your belief system.

If you believe that you deserve better, at no time will you accept less than what you deserve.
If you believe that you deserve better, at no time will you stop fighting to achieve it.
If you believe that you are capable, you will NOT give up when you encounter obstacles along the way.

Claim your Personal Power:

1 – Know yourself – Know who you are in your purest essence.
It’s not what you like, what you do or the labels you have in your life.
Really know yourself as a soul, discover the world of qualities that make you unique, the “good” and the “bad” ones.

2 – Understand – Understand the reason of all your strengths and weaknesses.

3 – Forgive – Forgive yourself and others for we are nothing more or less than souls on Planet Earth who never had access to any instruction booklet about life and emotions, and each of us has a whole story to tell.

4 – Understand that you create your reality and that although you can not control your outer world, you CAN control your inner world and the way you respond to everything that comes from the outside.

5 – Be happy, even though….

“Happiness is a choice, not a result.
Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.
No one will make you happy until you decide to be happy.
Your happiness will not come to you because it can only come from YOU.”

Ralph Marslon

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