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Don’t stop existing just because he’s not there. | Girl, Uplift your Soul

Girl, don’t put your life in standby waiting for him.

Don’t waste the very first moments of your brand new day looking for a sign of him.

Don’t waste time imagining what he might be doing.

Wake up with the will to live through a new day and discover new things, even though he’s not there to explore them with you.

Occupy your imagination with the draft of your future that will make you feel butterflies in your belly, and do not let the anxiety of his absence be stronger.

Your existence is infinite, unique, and you never needed his existence in order for you to exist. No. You exist despite of his existence.

I know.

Maybe you think that your existence makes more sense with him by your side.

Maybe you think that he’s the piece of your puzzle.

Maybe you think that he’s the reason of your happiness.

I know how it feels to feel that someone else is part of us.

In fact, he may be one piece of your puzzle. But don’t forget that your puzzle has way more pieces to discover.

It’s not because he is one piece of it that he is “The Piece”.

He’s just a piece that made sense, that made history and that left his mark in your life. He’s just one piece that helped you understand how whole you are.

But, no, girl, he’s not the piece. You are!

Without you, that puzzle won’t exist.

You are the puzzle.

So, don’t wait for him because that piece can only be in one specific place. One little and unique place.

You have so much more to discover and explore.

Don’t stop existing just because he’s not there.

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