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Transparent people, are my kind of people | The Spiritual Chick Blog

I really like transparent people. 
People that express their hearts. 

I don’t like to listen one thing and feel another completely different. 

I feel it. 
I can feel when something’s not right. 
I know when people say yes and they really want to say no or the other way around. 
I feel the fear, the doubt, all emotions that were left unspoken. 

I like when people say what I’m already feeling, when they express what I already know. 

I like people that speak the truth no matter what. 

I like people that say “I forgot”, “I don’t want to”, “I don’t feel like it”. People that just don’t walk around in circles. 
I like people that say “I like it” or “I don’t like it”, “I want it” or “I don’t want it”. 

I like people that really listen,  people that don’t just pretend to listen out of “respect”. 
I like people that come and go because they want to and not out of obligation. 

I like people that respect my space and let me know when I’m invading theirs. 

I like people that admires you and envy you in your face, without fearing to admit their own weaknesses. 

I like people that show their intentions right from the start. 

Why do we say what we don’t feel and hide what we do feel? 
Why do we lie and thus feed the fear of saying the truth? 

I like people that practice what they preach. 
People that show their true nature without even thinking about who’s surrounding them. 

I like genuine, truthful and epic people. People that embrace the differences that make them unique, with no tabus. 

I can’t stand lies. 
Can’t stand a fake smile or a unfelt word. 

I hate to do things just because. 
If I want to do I’ll do, if not, I won’t. 

I like people that understand that one is an individual and that we should not expect or judge an individual’s behavior.
What we should do is to appreciate and explore our differences and uniqueness.

Yes, I really like transparent people, with no filters, no fear of sharing their true essence, no fear of being vulnerable.

Real people, epic people. People that touches your heart and soul.

That kind of people, is my kind of tribe.  

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