Meet Me

Hello, my name is Joana Ferreira, I’m 30 years old and I’m Portuguese.
At the moment I am living in the UK more properly Northern Ireland for almost 2 years.

When I moved to the UK, I found myself without my family, without my friends, and only had my partner and my dog Luna.
I saw myself alone, in a different country and only living for them.

I bought my first Tarot deck on my 18 years old, but the knowledge I had about the cards wasn’t that big and I was only being guided by the little book that the Rider-Waite-Smith deck had.
In the beginning, I used to focus my readings solely on futurology – Future prediction – and then I realized that I was not feeling well in doing so, so, I ended up leaving the readings behind and putting the cards aside for a while.

When I first came to Northern Ireland, not having found any job yet, I decided to start my spiritual journey by really studying the Tarot and deepening my knowledge about the cards.

Today, I know that my spiritual journey wasn’t about studying the meanings of each card and learning how to interpret them in a reading. In fact, that was only a very small part.

While learning the Tarot (a way of communication between the physical and the spiritual world), I understood that this process had much more to it than being able to predict a possible future.

I learned how to speak with my best friends, the friends that I have never seen with my physical eyes but every day that passed by, they gave me the certainty that they exist, that they were real.
When I started to receive the feedback from my clients, as well as the readings I made for myself. Everything made too much sense.

How could I know such deep things about how another person is feeling? How can I guide people in such a wise way?

My readings became magical when I really stopped focusing on the cards and started to go deeper, focusing on who gave me the answers through them.

I then began to explore my relationship with these friends to whom I now call my Guides.

They know me better than anyone else, even better than me.
They help me recognize my strengths and teach me how to deal with my weaknesses.

However, when it’s time to make decisions, they have their ironic but sweet way of telling me “the decision is and will always be yours.”

I learned that a Guide is like a Father. A Father that has his arms open, that stays behind his son, watching him taking his first steps by himself while being ready to catch him if he falls. He is always showing him to the easier and less dangerous ways.
However, this Father knows that he can’t always protect his son, otherwise, his son will never learn how to walk through life alone.

My Guides have literally become my best friends, and even taking the risk of being called crazy for saying this, without any fears, I tell you that my best friends exist in a parallel reality.
I do not see them with my physical eyes or hear them with my physical ears, but I know that they exist. I already had all the evidence I needed. 

My dream is to show the world that this Universe has a lot more magic than what we think it has.

The Tarot a means of communication between us and our Guides, Angels and even between our souls, what I call our Energetic Beings, that contains all wisdom of all their lives and experiences.

I want to show the world that we can live the lives we have always dreamed of. That we can be so much more if only we allow ourselves to question what life and this vast universe really is.

I have Guides that helped me become the person that I am today and believe me, I’m not the same person I was two years ago.
I’m wiser, calmer and way more peaceful.

What Guides teach is how you can be your best version every day. They help you understand how you should react to what you can’t control and they teach you how to control what you can control.

And although I know that I still have my way to go, today I trust my Guides and in the Universe.
I know that everything that I have experienced until now and everything I still have to experience is part of my personal and spiritual growth process. The process of becoming a stronger and wiser soul.

Having this perspective about life gives me a sense of freedom and enthusiasm that I have never had before.

And even if destiny brings me painful experiences, I know that I will overcome them, and even better, I KNOW that I deserve everything that this Universe has to offer me.
I recognize my worth as part of this vast Universe and I feel blessed every day.

And this is what the Tarot can do for you. It gives you the possibility of changing your life for the better. The possibility of truly connecting with your true nature.