Girl, uplift your Soul

Don’t stop existing just because he’s not there. | Girl, Uplift your Soul

Girl, don't put your life in standby waiting for him. Don't waste the very first moments of your brand new ...
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While you see yourself as a victim of your Life, you will never see yourself as its warrior.

You can only control the way you react to whatever life offers you.You, and only you, can control your perception ...
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How Gratitude feels like

"I cry when I'm feeling grateful. I cry with a soft and gentle smile on my face. I feel this ...
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My love, do not be afraid to lose your love. Be afraid to never find your love for yourself.

It is not up to you to say where others have to be as it is not up to others ...
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The importance of writing a Journal – When we write, our soul writes with us.

When we write in a journal, be it some paper and a pen or digital, this moment is ours and ...
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