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Normally, no one buys clothes without trying them on or without knowing if it suits them, right?

Paying for a Guidance Reading is even more important than buying clothes.

A Guidance Reading is something extremely personal and delicate, so I believe that, before you decide to have a Guidance Reading with me, it is extremely important that you know what you can expect from me and my work.

What is a Guidance Reading?

 A Guidance Reading is a conversation between us and the energetic world.
I have 9 Spirit Guides, and these Guides are the energetic beings who give me the knowledge and guidance you need through Tarot cards.

I don’t control the messages I receive in any way, and often the knowledge I receive is extremely personal and profound.
I can receive information about your personality, your fears, your blockades, your strengths, and weaknesses, about your story, who you are and who you can be.

The information I receive is ALWAYS for your greater good.
My Guides will never tell me anything that is not beneficial to you.

Why do I get this information?

To be able to guide you and to help you to know yourself on a deeper level so that you can know who you really are in your purest essence, who you can become and what you can and should work in yourself in order to evolve personally and spiritually.

A guidance reading is, as the name implies, GUIDANCE.
My Guides, being energetic beings that have all the necessary knowledge to guide anyone who comes to me, will provide me with the knowledge I need to guide you in any area of your life, whether on a personal or spiritual level, relationships, professional or in any other area/situation.
They will tell me what you need to know at the moment of the reading giving you all the knowledge you need to do something beneficial for yourself and your life.

Notice what I just said – “They will tell me what you need to know at the moment of the reading giving you all the knowledge you need to do something beneficial for yourself and your life.”

I want to emphasize this sentence so that you understand that YOU have full responsibility for your life.
You make your own choices. You make your own decisions. YOU have free will to navigate through your life.

This is to tell you that, our working method is not based on future prediction only. Our method is guidance.
We can tell you a possible future about a specific situation but our goal is to show you how you can create the circumstances you want to attract into your life and to help you understand that you are not and will never be a “victim” of your circumstances.

You have all power in yourself to create your own destiny and our goal is to help you recognize that power in yourself.

You can always change your circumstances through the way you react to what is beyond your control.
The way we respond to life and its ups and downs is the key to an abundant, peaceful and happy life.

Okay, but what are exactly Guides?

Guides are energetic beings. Beings that exist in their pure energetic form, without a physical body. Beings of light and energy.
I don’t see them with my physical vision or hear them with my physical hearing. I see them with my inner vision, what we call “imagination” and I hear them with my own voice through received thoughts.

If you see them in your imagination and if you hear them in your thoughts, how do you know that you are not the one who invents all this and deep down they do not exist?

 At the beginning of my journey with the Tarot, I already believed in a parallel world and in other life forms, however, it was through the Tarot that I knew for sure that this universe is magical and is an absolutely unexplored territory.

I receive deep knowledge about people I’ve never met before.
I speak with my Guides about myself and my life and I can feel in my whole being their love for me as I receive their advice and guidance.
I talk to them on a daily basis through the cards literally as if I was talking to my human best friend and the cards they give me, speak directly to me.

They taught me that our imagination has much more power than what we humans can even imagine.
I use my imagination to see them, creating an image of them that makes me feel comfortable as I am dealing with something that it is an unknown world and territory for me.

I see their lights, colors, and feel their energy in my physical body.
I can see them through my imagination, but what I feel in my physical body when in contact with them cannot be invented. It is absolutely magical.

We all have Spirit Guides. You have them, too. And if you want, we can find out more about your Guides in a reading.

My Guides are the true stars of my work while I am their messenger, and to be honest, I say with all my heart that this is the best job in the world.

What can I expect from a Guidance Reading?

You can expect motivation, inspiration, deep knowledge about yourself and your life.
You can explore your past, your present, and even your possible future.
I say possible future because as I explained before, we can make our own future, and therefore, the energies of your future will be the result of your choices, decisions, and actions.

What knowledge can I receive from a Guidance Reading?

  • You can explore your soul and your true essence by asking who you really are under the masks of your blockages that have built up through your life experiences.
  • You can explore the reason why you have experienced what you experienced in the past in order to gain a new understanding of your life and understand why you lived through what you lived.
  • You can explore your past relationships as well as your present relationships and understand what you have to learn from each one of them and how you can influence your relationships in a positive way.
  • You can explore your strengths and your weaknesses and learn how you should deal with each of these qualities.
  • You can explore your deepest life lessons and understand what you must do to learn them and consequently evolve.
  • You can explore the desires of your heart and your soul and you will know what your true purpose in this life is.
  • You can ask for messages from the energetic world and from your Guides.
  • You can get guidance to help you make important decisions.

And much more.


Basically, if you could talk to the Universe (God, Buddha, Allah, Angels, whatever you prefer) and get answers, what would you ask?
Whatever is for your greater good will be answered with love and inspiration by my guides and yours.

What I DON’T do

Questions exclusively related to third parties, such as:
Is my ex-boyfriend happy with his current girlfriend?
Does my ex-husband have anyone in his life at the moment?
Is person X happy or unhappy?
What happened between X and Y?

Questions related to physical health.
I am a personal and spiritual counselor and I don’t have any qualifications regarding physical health.
If you are concerned about your physical health, go to talk to a health professional.

Other questions:

When and how am I going to die?
– If you had to have access to this information, you would be born with it.

Will I earn the lottery?
– Play and try your luck.

Can I bet all my money on this team?
– It’s your decision, good luck.

Will I get rich?
– Work for it.

Now, listen to your intuition.
If my energy attracts you and you feel that you want to have an experience with me, click on the link below.

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