Soul Talk Journal

Soul Talk Journal – The best digital journal for Tarot readers.

  • 200 days/readings
  • Computer: Readable and Fillable
  • Phone: Readable only

This journal, besides being a fillable workbook, also contains information on how to ask questions openly and receptively, how to do readings without the limitations of spreads, and also contains a complete index full of possible questions on various topics that you can ask your Guides.

My purpose with this journal is to provide you with a personal and private space where you, through writing, will improve your connection with your Guides and your Higher Self, allowing you to delve into the depths of your being and promote self-knowledge, and personal and spiritual growth.

Discover the true essence of the Tarot and bring magic into your life by getting to know your best friends (your Guides) and yourself on a deep level.

Keep all your readings recorded in your journal so you can access them at any time without losing any details and your own insights.

This journal has a lot of free space for you to develop a deep conversation with your Guides through writing.

When we write, our soul writes with us. – Joana Ferreira



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