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Transparent people, are my kind of people | The Spiritual Chick Blog

Yes, I really like transparent people, with no filters, no fear of sharing their true essence, no fear of being vulnerable. Real people, epic people. People that touches your heart and soul. That kind of people, is my kind of tribe.

Girl Uplift your Soul

Don’t stop existing just because he’s not there. | Girl, Uplift your Soul

In fact, he may be one piece of your puzzle. But don't forget that your puzzle has way more pieces to discover. It's not because he is one piece of it that he is "The Piece". He's just a piece that made sense, that made history and that left his mark in your life. He's just one piece that helped you understand how whole you are.

Girl Uplift your Soul

While you see yourself as a victim of your Life, you will never see yourself as its warrior.

You are and always will be responsible for your life, and only when you understand this, will you be able to CREATE the life that you want to have and above all, that you deserve, by right, to have.

Girl Uplift your Soul

How Gratitude feels like

"I cry when I'm feeling grateful. I cry with a soft and gentle smile on my face. I feel this peace, this calm, this trust in myself, in the universe, and that all is well, that everything is exactly as it should be. I listen to music and feel the lyrics on my heart and… Continue reading How Gratitude feels like