Zodiac Signs Soul Guidance

Here you’ll find monthly guidance for every one of the zodiac signs.

Please read your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs as all have influence in our lives.

Don’t know your Rising and Moon signs? Click on the link below to find out.


Capricorn May 2018 – Pay attention to your inner guidance

Your intuition will be extremely accurate and you need to be aware of it to receive its guidance. If you ...
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Sagittarius May 2018 – Inner Transformation

Finally what you long for will happen and will come into your life. A very big change will happen, and ...
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Scorpio May 2018 – Success and more success

Success, and more success. The universe asks you to keep fighting for your goals and to stick to your motivation ...
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Libra May 2018 – Good communication and clear and understanding of your emotions

Changes or conflicts may be happening in your life or be about to happen. The universe asks you to speak ...
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Virgo May 2018 – You’re on the right path

All seed that is nourished with love and dedication will inevitably become something wonderfully valuable and beautiful. When we dedicate ...
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Leo May 2018 – You can control your mind and let go of fear

Your mind is keeping you from going forward. Your fears and insecurities are keeping you trapped in the same pattern ...
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Cancer May 2018 – Be Patient, the Universe hears you

There is something very powerful growing within you. A deep wanting, a passion, fiery dreams. These dreams can be regarding ...
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Gemini May 2018 – Self-Love is the Key

During the month of May, the key is self-love. Within self-love, we have self-respect, self-compassion, self-understanding, and self-empathy. The energy ...
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Taurus May 2018 – Follow your intuition

There are several ways to look at disappointments. You can look at them and feel sad and pain because you ...
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Aries May 2018 – Focus on the solution, not the problem

We often go through less pleasant experiences as a test to our inner wisdom, abilities, and strength. If your circumstances ...
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